Bashford family spends 10 weeks in Brazil

Standing in front of the famous Rio Statue the

Used with Permission from the Bashford Family.

Standing in front of the famous Rio Statue the “Christ the Redeemer” , Miley Bashford smiles for all to see. She and her family traveled to Brazil for ten weeks during the regular school session.

Miley Bashford spent ten weeks on the beautiful beaches of Brazil while the rest of school continued daily routines. Her father suggested Brazil as a vacation spot because he served two years on a mission for the church of Latter-Day Saints there.

“We thought ‘Hey why not spend ten weeks on the beach? Who wouldn’t wanna do that?’” Bashford stated.

Bashford was excited for the beaches they would be relaxing on for the next ten weeks, but she was hesitant to leave her normal life for so long.

“I was not very excited to go, I didn’t want to leave my friends, and I thought that ten weeks was way too long to leave,” Bashford said.

The amount of work that needed to be done before the trip was surreal. She needed to take online classes before leaving to stay caught up in school. She felt like Brazil was more trouble than it was worth, because of the schoolwork and playoff volleyball games she missed.

“In Brazil everyone is super laid back,” Bashford said. “It was super nice to take life one day at a time and not feel the rush of America.”

The Bashfords were vacationing during the time when Brazilian students were on summer break, so everyone was laid back and enjoying life. The stress factor in Miley’s life seemed to disappear as she spent time on the beaches of Brazil.

“The sand was so soft and fine it was hard like concrete, there was sparkly black sand, and the sunsets were spectacular,” Miley explained.

The food in Brazil went from bland to exotic in flavor. The best bread ever, as Miley explained, is Pão de Quejo or cheese bread. Miley also explained that the best soda ever is Guaranã, a fruity ginger ale. Cozinha was a special favorite of hers, it’s pulled chicken covered in potato with the outside hardened into a teardrop shape. By far the weirdest food she saw eaten was chicken hearts.

“Every morning we would have fruit and every lunch and dinner we would have rice and beans,” explained Bashford.

She traveled to Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, the island Garapua, Itacare, and finally Ilheus. Bashford misses Brazil and wishes to travel back.

“Now I wish I could hop on a plane and go back because life here is way too fast,” said Bashford ecstatically.