Higher Division Means Higher Standards for Marching Band


Marissa Costagliola

Marching band pumps up the crowd at a past football game by performing this season's show.

Joining the multiple sports on campus, Marching Band is now in division one. Division one bands contain 95 or more participants.

As drum major Gabby King explains, “We went from a smaller band of 78 to a medium sized band of 97.”

This means that they are the smallest band in division one.

Division one is expected to have tough competition for the pumas, because they are the smallest band in the division. Regardless, the Puma Regiment is ready for the challenge.

The main goal for this year is performing to the best of their abilities.

“Everyone has to do their best and participate as much as they can in order to beat some of the groups that have twice as many people as us,” CJ Floyd, a second year member, said.

King believes the goal is, “performing to the best of our abilities.”

To achieve their goal, the marching band is going back to the basics.

Imelda Montano, a third year member, describes it as, “Basically we just work on the basics.”

The basics are  essential because of the many new members in the band.

“We had two people come over from Basha but the rest are basically all freshmen,” Floyd said.

However, the young age of the band is not necessarily a setback.

“[The freshman] are going to be the ones that continue once [the upperclassmen] are gone and although they are not as experienced as returning members, I think with time they’ll get there,” Montano said.

The bands age does not show in their attitude.

“The band is a lot younger but the maturity is a lot higher,” King explained.

Since the freshmen are so mature, they will quickly learn what marching band is all about. Hopefully, this will lead to a great marching band down the road.

As for this year, King says, “We just want to make sure we put out a great show with great quality.”