Q&A with head football coach Preston Jones


All but one high school sport has a short, three-month season and the rest of the year, athletes are free to play club sports or other high school sports. Football is the exception. They practice during the spring, as well, training daily to prepare for the upcoming season that begins shortly after the school year begins. Last season was a successful year for the players and coaches, who are only hoping to continue growing as a program. Yet, after crucial seniors graduating and moving on to play college football, players with previously less responsibility will have to step into large leadership roles.
The Precedent interviewed Coach Preston Jones regarding the upcoming spring football season:
Aubree Flores: After losing key defensive players like Cutter Hatch and Travis Calloway, which players are you looking to lead the defense next year?
Preston Jones: Cole Sabetta, Jackson Ford will help at the inside linebacker position. Andrei Mayberry, too. We also have Aaron Henry. He should be great at outside corner and Tracy Franklin, as well.
AF: How are the current juniors filling leadership roles? And how do you expect them to lead?
PJ: Currently, they are doing a nice job. I expect that the team will lead by example and possibly students will start getting better at paying attention to details and not relying on previous classes to the lead them. They are the leaders of the team and they have to take that role and run with it.
AF: Are there any current sophomores who have surprised you regarding their impact on the team? And if so, where are they making an impact on the field?
PJ: We have Cade Berger, but now you are getting me scared we don’t have any… Blake Porter has also done a real nice job on defense.
AF: On the offensive end, who will fill vital positions left by players like Kyle Patterson and Jalen Young? And where will you need them most?
PJ: Now we can fill our offensive line with players lik Ky Lockhart, being a returner. A key to our offensive success will be Ikenna Nwankwo back there in the running back position.
AF: After coaching spring football for all these years, how has it changed over the years?
PJ: Not much has changed about spring ball over the years except the use of dummies, and hand shields. This equipment was not allowed until the last 2 springs.
AF: What is the energy like during the spring season?
PJ: The energy is great. The players and coaches are excited about the challenges of the upcoming season.