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  • September 23Volleyball: Perry v. Highland, September 23, 2020

Special education vs COVID-19, what is happening

Special Education teacher Caroline Cook helping freshman Cole Kostoryz with his assignment.

Dayton Jones, Sports editor

September 21, 2020

The student of the special education program have started coming back, but not without precautions and changes made. Transferring back to in-school learning is a challenge for anyone, but the special education program is figuring out how to make that work while keeping a safe environment. Special ...

Special education teachers adapt to online schooling

Self contained teacher Alexis Myers created a YouTube video for her students demonstrating methods to do laundry. The video was apart of the Unique Learning Systems curriculum.

Anna Myers, Features Editor

April 12, 2020

After schools were shut down by Governor Ducey, as a step towards stopping the spread of COVID-19 and protecting Arizonians, most students took a week to adapt to online schooling platforms and have established a routine to get their work accomplished. Likewise, most teachers have set up their Google classr...

Special Needs Education Program helps Perry’s Environment

MaCayela Hanks, Staff Reporter

September 19, 2019

Special Education is an integral part of education, not a separate ordeal. The function of Special Education Program (SPED) is to “provide appropriate instruction using alternate academic state standards and on building academic, functional, social and communication skills so that students can be su...

Unified Flag Football to Have First Game September 3rd

Unified flag football players walking off the field.

Paige Luedtke, Staff Reporter

August 30, 2019

An integral part of this school is the special education program. Shara Billings, the special education department chair, boasts  “the special education program at Perry is number one in Arizona.”  A large part of what makes this program so great is the Unified sports program. This program bega...

Including special needs students has evolved

Kenna Cassey, Staff Reporter

September 28, 2018

Kids with disabilities such as autism and Down syndrome are often outcasted in schools and in society. In some schools, students with disabilities are pushed to the furthest corners of the campus, but not at PHS. Since it opened in 2007, PHS has made a concerted effort to include its special needs ...

Inclusion is a necessity– not a burden

Anna Myers, Staff Reporter

September 24, 2018

We have the privilege to witness and live through a historical moment. Revolutions of the past are built on comprehensive action and profound change, and our battle against discrimination is no exception. The fight for inclusion for individuals with special needs -- in all aspects of our lives as stu...

A golden year for inclusion, celebrating the 50th anniversary of Special Olympics

Senior David Salano carries the ball for a touchdown

Anna Myers, Staff Reporter

September 20, 2018

As the Special Olympics organization celebrates its 50th anniversary, students play their part in the inclusion revolution. Whether students with disabilities, like autism, a cognitive disability or down syndrome, are cooking in the culinary kitchens, painting in art, singing in the choir, or perfo...

Spread the word campaign brings awareness to campus

Macie Miller, Staff Reporter

April 24, 2018

The “R” word is one that has become all too common to hear in the hallway passing by a group of friends joking around with each other or in the courtyard passing by a group of immature teenagers. Not many people consider it offensive to call someone a retard because it has become socially acce...

Unified program extends to the arts

Founder Emily Narducci with sophomore Fletcher Jones.

Sawyer Del Fosse, Staff Reporter

November 29, 2016

Perry’s special education program is supported with different groups like the Puma Pals or Unified Sports. These organizations aim to provide the students in the special education program with an opportunity to be more involved in school activities. There is a new addition to that list of clubs. Senior Emily Nar...

History teacher balances life at home and school

History teacher balances life at home and school

Mackenzie Ness, Staff Reporter

September 25, 2014

Keeping roughly 185 students engaged is always a struggle, but when trying to balance a chaotic and busy family life, it becomes much more difficult. David Arrington, World and U.S. history teacher, is someone whose main goal is focusing on the individual needs of each student. Yet it is his family...

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