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What is happening with boys club soccer

Captain Hayden Jaramillio l in a game against skyline

Dayton Jones, Sports editor

May 3, 2020

School soccer has been done for quite a while now but just as that season finished, it was time for club ball to start. Due to the virus a lot of the upcoming season is in question, some associations still have games schedule while others are completely canceled. Practicing for teams are not allowed...

Complicated $15 billion youth sports industry and high school athletics trying to co-exist

Defender Emma Richey (12) moves in for a goal against Campo Verde in a successful 6-0 game.

Lauren Fountain, Opinions Editor

December 18, 2017

The battle between club and high school High school sports play a crucial role in a school’s culture, unifying students and faculty with team spirit. We saw this recently with the badminton, volleyball, and football teams in their runs for a state championship, culminating in a buzz on campus that P...

AIA Update: Year-round practice may harm multi-sport athletes

The AIA council voted 39-5 to approve legal year-round practices beginning next year. Some coaches, players and parents worry that the new rule could end multi-sport athletes.

Lauren Fountain and Sawyer Del Fosse

March 11, 2017

In perhaps the most surprising conclusion to a divisive conversation, the AIA council voted 39-5 to approve unrestricted year-round practices for all sports, except for a no-pads or helmets regulation for football. Although met with resentment by the majority, the door has been opened for year-long...

Concussion 101: Dealing with sports’ biggest rival

This infographic shows concussion statistics at Perry in the last couple of years.

Aja Diffin, Sarah Campbell, and Sam Nabaty

September 22, 2015

Concussions are serious and common traumatic brain injuries that many people experience every day. Junior volleyball player Tristan Carver is no stranger to the serious brain injury; he has suffered three concussions throughout his life and he talks about how impactful they can be. “I was reall...

Point/Counterpoint: Should college athletes get paid to play?

Point/Counterpoint: Should college athletes get paid to play?

Emma Fernandez, Staff Writer

May 20, 2014

  Many college athletes argue that they should get paid because their dedication to the sport consumes any time they could spend working. However, the money that employed students and non-athletes receive from their paycheck typically goes towards college expenses like meal plans, tuition, room...

AIA: basketball uniforms violate color requirement

According to the AIA, the boy's grey basketball uniforms violate the high school color requirements. The rule mandates that home jerseys should be white while away jerseys can be a contrasting dark color.

Rachel Lattin and Mitchell Albrecht

January 16, 2014

The Puma boys basketball team will no longer be sporting their brand new, all gray, home uniform kits. At the recent McClintock Holiday Shoot-Out basketball tournament, the AIA head of officials pointed out the team’s gray uniforms, which happened to be illegal but were going unnoticed.  According ...

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