What is happening with boys club soccer


Dayton Jones

Captain Hayden Jaramillio l in a game against skyline

School soccer has been done for quite a while now but just as that season finished, it was time for club ball to start. Due to the virus a lot of the upcoming season is in question, some associations still have games schedule while others are completely canceled. Practicing for teams are not allowed due to the social distancing.

Club ball at this point is still up in the air. “All tournaments and games are canceled through the rest of the season(through June). I would assume that the return to official practice and games would be preceded by the lifting of social distancing measures in Arizona, but there’s really no telling when that’s gonna be” junior Nathan Breinhold explains. With the canceled games and tournaments it looks like at the moment there will be no soccer for club teams this coming season. All questions are not fully answered so there is still a chance of returning late.

When it comes to college ball however it is looking like it will be starting right on schedule. “As of now, NCAA plans on next season continuing without any delays. August is when I will report to my school for the start of training and league games start in September” senior Hayden Jaramillo comments. While his last club season was canceled the chances are looking high for college ball the start on time.

Training for players has become a lot different. “Our season has been canceled so the only way I can train is by myself at a park every day” Jaramillo states. For Jaramillo, practicing is on his own time, doing whatever he can think of to keep in shape and ready for whenever he can play again.

For other players they are still able to be in contact with their couches receiving practice drills. “Training has mostly been individual, but the coaches are really good at sending out workouts and drills we can do on our own to stay in shape and stay ready for the return to action. We have tactical sessions over zoom as well, which really helps us as a team stay mentally sharp and get smarter as players even while we’re stuck at home” Breinholt explains. Breinholt is trying to not miss a beat when his team can return to the field.

The games are not the only thing players are missing. “I miss the memories and the chance I have to play with some of my best friends. One of the best things about soccer is the bonds that you share with your teammates and I miss building on those” Breinholt adds. It is more than just a game for theses players it is a place where they find some of their best friends, and they are missing it all right now.

With these ever-changing times the hope is that club soccer will be up and running by the time the fall season rolls around.