The Precedent

Point vs. Counterpoint: Best Usage of Conference Period

Taylor Relvas, A/E Editor December 7, 2023

The 30-minute conference period has long existed, implemented with the purpose of allotting time for students to get a jump on their homework, and allowing clubs to have meetings during school hours. However,...

Counterpoint vs. Point: Is conference utilized efficiently or are students wasting time?

Wyatt Lehti, Sports and Photos Editor December 7, 2023

There is no question that numerous students tend to procrastinate their school work, and sometimes this work does not get completed until the bell, or does not get completed at all.  Students utilize...

Sometimes parents are the rule-breakers

Ashley Elliott, Staff Writer November 12, 2013

As teenagers, we all anticipate the day we earn our driver’s license, right?  It’s our ticket to freedom. As soon as we turn 16, we are sure to drive immediately to the MVD to get that rectangle piece...

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