AP tests needs to be in-person

There has been a constant battle for in-person or online AP tests, but in-person testing is not only safer but comes with more benefits.


An AP test in any class can, for some students, be the reason they took that class in the first place. If they are not given all tools to help them succeed that entire class could be wasted. Over the course of this past school year, students have ventured into learning, turning in assignments, and taking tests all online. The census from students is that we are not learning online we are just doing the work, that includes tests; with that mentality, students are not prepared to take an online AP test.

There is added stress online, and a multitude of things that could go wrong. If the computer crashes, wifi cuts out, or on the off chance somehow a student spills something on their computer: their test is ruined. Some students’ houses may not be fully equipped with a place to peacefully take a substantial exam. Either taking care of a younger sibling, or another one needed a computer; both end with students having an immensely difficult time taking the exam.

Cheating online is another problem within itself with the internet being only one click away for students to use.  Last year’s AP tests were all online due to COVID, and some students found unique ways of cheating since at no point did they have to have their cameras on. Students would use notes, textbooks, their phones to look up information on the internet, and go on a group video chat such as discord and talk to other students with the same test about the answers. With cheating being so easy in this case, these possibilities make it so students are unable to truly measure their knowledge and skills from that class. 

This year, however, the people behind the AP test are focused on keeping cheating, while taking the online test, from happening. If in-person testing is used, the chance of cheating is lowered on a grand scale, which will highlight the true scores within the AP test.

Depending on how many tests a student has to take, being online for multiple hours while straining your eyes against blue light can lead to students getting tired and less focused at a faster rate. The paper and pencil method of the AP exam lets all students have the same access to what is needed for the test; a quiet distraction-free room being one of the biggest helps in a test like this. 

Until this year students rarely took tests online, everything was in person; that is what students are used to, not the added stress of learning how to navigate an AP exam online. Last year some students had to deal with their tests glitching causing more unneeded stress when taking such a big test. This school year many things have been in question, but having access to an AP exam should not be one students need to worry about. For some students these tests help save much-needed money when it comes to college due to receiving college credit for that class, anything that could negatively impact them should not occur. An in-person AP test is the safest and best option for all students.