Soccer team sliding in the standings

Dee Kater defends the ball against Basha’s defense.

The boys soccer lost is struggling to stay afloat in the division-1 playoff picture. In a division where only 16 teams make the postseason, the Pumas are currently on the outside looking (ranked 21).

Their current streak has seen them drop six-of-five matches to Basha Bears (1-0), and the Desert Ridge Jaguars (3-2) on Jan. 7, and Jan. 8.

With allowances by goal keeper Tim Parra, the bears scored once over the boys while the Jaguars scored three times. Our boys battled against the Jaguars ending the game 3-2, giving the puma boys a record of 6 wins, 6 losses, and 3 ties.

Hoping to right the ship, the Pumas are gearing up for another match against the Mountain View Toros, on Jan 13, at 6 o’ clock.