War with parking

As every student knows, the parking lot is a huge, controversial topic between students and staff.  Whether it is parents parking in the students spots, dropping off kids in the wrong parking lots or students stealing other students spots, the parking lots are a practically a war zone.

Coming to school at 7:20 and leaving school at 2:15 can be a  huge issue for students and parents coming or leaving Although it does take a little bit longer to drive around the school due to the construction and having so many students attending the school, it is pretty irritating to move around the roads.

Senior Amanda Roman says “When parents drop off their kids in my parking spot [bus barn lot] that would be lovely, I also can not get out of my parking spot because they keep trapping me in.”

Over the years, parents park in spots that are vacant in the student parking lot before and after school to for their kids or have their kids buy parking passes in the beginning of the year because they do not want to wait for their kids in the student pick/drop off.

Another thing with parents parking in or dropping off their kids where their not supposed to, the senior parking lot is another place parents go into. In the morning, it is really hard to go into and leave the senior parking lot due to  the parents and kids rushing to class and leaving and having the busses leaving school to go park somewhere else is a madhouse.

As students hear the announcements in the morning, Mrs. Martino states how the retirement across the way from us, ask students to not cut through their parking lot or to zip down the road just for the safety of the people who are coming there to visit or go to work.

Another problem Serrano gets complaints about is student doing donuts in the East parking lot by the seminary building. Principle Dan Serrano states“We have a big problem with students doing donuts in the parking lot after the game, people don’t realize that we have cameras up on the poles.”

Perry is also of thinking of putting the cement blocks across the East parking lot so students will stop doing donuts and stop cutting across the parking lot because you can cause a crash by doing that.

“Well anything that helps the safety of the students is a good idea” security guard Wayne explained.

Serrano stated if students continue to push their limits on their parking privileges and violates rules, that the school will and can take away their parking spot along with the parking pass.