Administration: Possible whooping cough case on campus

Administration informed students on Wednesday that they may have been exposed to whooping cough.

Mazyne Smith, Staff Reporter

Administration sent a letter home with students today to inform parents that there has been a case of Pertussis, or whooping cough, on campus.

This illness has many symptoms that include: coughing lasting more than a couple of weeks, where the coughing fits last for several minutes, the student may feel normal between fits, also a common occurrence after a coughing fit is finished is vomiting, followed by a shortness of breath, lastly cough medicines are ineffective against the virus.

If a student is believed to have the virus, a parent or legal guardian will be contacted to take the student home from school.

According to the letter, the student may not return to school if the virus has been found.

They may return after five days of treatment with the antibiotic granted by the healthcare provider. If the student is cleared he/she may return immediately.

Any questions or concerns should be directed to the Maricopa  Department of Public Health at (602)-506-6767 ask for a surveillance nurse.