Perry’s best in A&E

Cassie Nielsen, Staff Reporter

After eight years it is safe to say that Perry’s fine arts department is one of the many programs that draw in students across the valley. The 2014-2015 school year  was a year of great accomplishment for the fine arts department.

Last October, Marching Band took their first trip to California in four years and had the opportunity to march down Main Street at Disneyland.

In November the theater department performed The Addams Family blowing away the crowds with their talent. But the crowds were not the only ones blown away; judges were impressed as well and so theater won state by performing The Addams Family. Through out the rest of the year theater students kept showing their talent with other great performances like The Wizard of Oz, Almost Maine, and more.

Theater was not the only one with great accomplishments this year. In February, the Jazz Band garnered a Superior rating at the NAU Jazz Festival which eventually led to an invitation to play alongside the NAU Jazz One ensemble at The Nash.

This spring Orchestra had the great privilege to be invited to perform at Carnegie Hall, and it  was quite the experience.

Soon after, in late April, choir and orchestra performed at Anaheim where Choir was awarded with two silvers and a gold won by Advanced Women’s Choir.The choirs were not the only ones to win awards though. A handful of both orchestra and choir students were recognized for their talent and given individual awards as well. Some being Caden Gledhill for his solo and Rachel Johnson who is a violinist.

Students entered art pieces into the annual Chandler Center of the Arts competition on Monday, 4 May 2015. Senior Jade Pina placed best of show with her 3D piece. Senior Taylor Hannan took first in her category of digital photo. Several students placed first, second, or third in the categories of digital photo and sculpture. There’s no question about it, Perry has many talented students, and with great teachers and directors the fine arts department was able to shine brightly this year.

With the end of each year, there are goodbyes to be said. This year seniors are not the only ones we will be saying farewell  to in the fine arts. Choir students will miss their teacher Joe Little with his positive attitude, encouragements, and wise teachings that come from years of experience. He will be retiring at the end of this year. Thank you to all teachers and students for such a great year and thank you to friends and family for the support given in attending the many  concerts and plays. As well as giving the much needed support in competitions and trips to once in a lifetime places.