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Reality-show reject Layton Greene: It’s okay not to be okay

Layton Greene tells tough stories in her smooth, R&B album.

Kiley Newby, Staff reporter

November 6, 2019

Layton Greene was destined to sing. Her mother always wanted to be a singer but that never worked out.  When Layton was just seven years old she discovered her passion for music. “My mom always wanted to be able to sing. She just cried. She just prayed and prayed that she would have a kid that ...

Moffett showcases talent on ‘X Factor’

Freshman Addison Moffet warms up in Moveo practice. She recently had the opportunity to perform as a backup dancer on the television show ‘X Factor.’

Sam Morton, Staff Writer

January 15, 2013

Many people tune into the show ‘X Factor’ each week to see  all the unknown talent in our country but, most students are not aware that there is a familiar Puma face  behind the star performers. ‘X Factor’ is a television music competition franchise that was originally created in the United...

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