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Apps that assist in education

Graphic design by Nadine Loureiro.

Nadine Loureiro, Staff Reporter

April 25, 2019

There is a variety of technological learning tools that are experimented with in the classroom. Every student has a unique learning style, almost all of their needs can be fulfilled with the help of educational apps. The app store has a multitude of options for students and teachers. For communication there...

Staying in state offers comfort

Ellie Wendt, Staff Reporter

May 19, 2017

There's no place like home. What better time than college to apply this valuable life lesson? Today many students are faced with countless college opportunities. Ranging from those fortunate enough to gain scholarships that accelerate them to all parts of the country to those who wish to study abroad...

State Standards of Education

State Standards of Education

Cambrie Hickman, Staff reporter

November 22, 2016

  The decision of whether state standards are being met, is not a black or white verdict.  This is due to the fact that the standards for education can continually be broken down.  From state, to school, to inside the classroom standards, it depends on how far one wishes to take their resea...

Arizona politics responsible for school underfunding

The Precedent takes an in-depth look into how Arizona and CUSD funds its schools.

Staff Reporter, Ethan Thai

November 15, 2016

School in Arizona funding is pitiful. According to a 2016 release by the  U.S. Census Bureau Public Education Finances, the state ranked 48th in the nation for its budget - 96.2 percent of Arizona students are funded under the national average. With education underfunding becoming well-known around the...

Wallethub survey declares Arizona fourth worst education system

Caden Johnson, Staff Reporter

September 26, 2016 While Arizona is well known for the Grand Canyon and gorgeous sunsets, the state has recently adopted something else to be known for: having one of the worst education systems in the United States. In the 2016 Wallethub report on the...

Clinton and Trump: The future of our education

Michael Vadon and Gage Skidmore/Wikipedia

Elisa Thomas, Staff Reporter

September 16, 2016

The 2016 Elections are sneaking up on us. Although most of us cannot vote, it’s still important to know the main candidates stance on topics that affect us. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are the two candidates butting heads in this race. So where do they stand when it comes to our education? Common...

Why Powerball Funds Education

Mug shot of staff reporter Ernesto Chacon.

Ernesto Chacon, Staff Reporter

February 4, 2016

After last month's record-setting 1.5 billion dollar Powerball jackpot many were quick to go to the nearest convenience store to pick up their quick picks. Some People are so quick to try our 1 in 200 million chance at winning, that some do not even stop and think about where that money comes from, or...

Editorial: Scars left by social media post can last a lifetime

Aja Diffin and Sarah Campbell

February 3, 2016

Every day we hear adults or our parents and authorities dole out constant warnings about what we post on social media. For most of us, those warnings go in one ear and out the other, thinking we have total control over who sees what we post. Unfortunately, it is not until an irreversible mistake is made...

Douglas’ “We Are Listening” tour addresses concerns in public education

State superintendent of public instruction Diane Douglas (left) listens to parents, teachers and community leaders speak at the

Erik Yates, Staff Reporter

May 20, 2015

In the Chandler Public Library on May 9, newly elected Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas sat and listened to dozens of concerned individuals share their opinions on the state of education in Arizona. With Douglas sat with Arizona Representative J. D. Mesnard, Doctor Cecilia Johnson,...

Lets talk about math

Dayna Miller, Opinion's Editor

December 15, 2014

“When are we gonna use this in real life?” Student’s always cry when math teachers bring out new content to learn. Math is one of the least-liked subjects on campus, but it’s one of the most practical classes offered. Math skills are needed in all disciplines, from art to computer science. Those...

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