The Precedent

The future may be closer than we realize

Paige Coakely, Editor-in-Cheif

November 17, 2014

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Now most everyone on this campus is freaking out about something. From the Biology test that counts for seven- twelfths of your grade 4th period, to the English project that you have to present (but you only read to page 17), and an important thought running through our panicked brains is “am I going...

College application site glitches cause frustration

College application site glitches cause frustration

Rachel Lattin, Editor-in-Chief

October 22, 2013

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Although it is only October, college application deadlines are right around the corner, or have already passed, for many seniors. Recent issues with a major application site have added unforeseen obstacles to the process. The Common Application, a non-profit organization that houses over 500 universi...

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