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Flavors from around the world right around the corner

Flavors from around the world right around the corner

Kenna Cassey, social media director

December 18, 2019

The fun and festive Liberty Market in downtown Gilbert is a great place to enjoy the holiday season. It is a place to indulge in some food that will remind you of home. Liberty market serves food during all hours of the day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  For breakfast you can have a delicious sweet p...

Re-mediate Nerves at the Coronado

Hannah Knight, Staff Reporter

November 30, 2017

Tis’ the season for Christmas music, twinkly lights, and a peppermint mocha. However, delicious, steamy peppermint mocha season signals late-night cram sessions for final exams. What better than staking out a study spot to cushion the stress and tears of the end of the semester? Downtown Phoenix ...

Ditch Starbucks for a handcrafted brew

Ian Graham, Reporter

September 26, 2017

If asked to metaphorize my freshman self, I would classify him as a singular grain of sand on the expansive Nauset Beach. He was the blue jellybean in that glass jar on the reception desk, sometimes overlooked by the children that gathered to estimate how many candies were held within. He laid low, going...

New Starbucks drinks will help you survive finals

New Starbucks drinks will help you survive finals

Nikki Soto, Staff Reporter

May 4, 2017

The end of the school year is in clear view, but with the impending threat of finals blocking the path, it is hard to believe we will ever reach it. Just like Mario needs a Power-Up Mushroom, high school students need their own pick-me-up: coffee. Sure, Dutch Bros has many sugary delights, but Starbucks has be...

No time to get back into groove

Ian Graham, Reporter

February 7, 2017

As my 6 a.m. alarm goes off on March 29, the first thing I hoped to be thinking about was an austere hot mocha and a blueberry muffin. Still recovering from a two and a half week break, school would be slowly crawling back into my mind, yet still distant enough for me to ease into the fourth quarter s...

Point/Counterpoint: Dutch Brothers on Val Vista

Dutch Brothers (Creative Commons, Flickr)

December 15, 2016

Dutch Brothers is the new rave for teens and adults in the community. With limited locations around the area, many are excited for the new arrival of a Dutch Bros on Val Vista off the 202, but is it going to be a blessing or a curse?

New Dutch Bros. to open exciting prospect

New Dutch Bros. to open exciting prospect

Kendall MacGregor, Staff Reporter

December 15, 2016

‘Tis the season to be jolly especially when word of a new Dutch Bros. opening up just South of the 202 on Val Vista Dr. just North of the Quiktrip. According to the company, the new coffee shop still has no exact date of opening. With this recent announcement some students are overjoyed with its closene...

The Coffee Shop, the ideal location

Afternoon at the Coffee Shop, a small group of people spending time with each other and chatting.

Mackenzie Ness, Staff Reporter

September 25, 2014

The struggle: finding a personal haven to study, socialize, and simply live life. The solution: The Coffee Shop, on the corner of Ray and Higley. Stepping in through glass double doors, you are greeted by a cluster of tables and chairs, a constant chatter, and the light hum of music. This creates a unique...

Local music at Sozo’s Coffee

Paola Carrasco, Staff Writer

February 11, 2013

Excel spreadsheet expert by day, charitable folk-americana musician by night; Chandler’s very own musical hero. This dual life is a reality for passionate musician Eric Douglas, a local artist who has devoted most of his life to music and now shares that passion with the local audiences of Chandler. Alongside...

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