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13 reasons why not to watch ’13 Reasons Why’

Mia Irvin, Opinions Editor

May 23, 2017

  On Mar. 31, 2017, Netflix released a show called 13 Reasons Why based off the novel by Jay Asher. The show detailed the life of a teenage girl named Hannah Baker who was driven to suicide after a year of being harassed verbally, sexually, and physically. Before she dies however, Baker takes ...

Immigrants facing nugatory remarks needs to stop

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Morgan Chung, Staff Reporter

February 7, 2017

People like jokes that are funny. But once the joke becomes personal, it isn’t funny anymore. Immigrants are being targeted on a daily basis everywhere in America, even at Perry. I have been the butt of these immigrant jokes numerous times. If the joke is funny then it is funny. But if the peop...

Think before you speak

Madi Montoya, Staff Reporter

January 20, 2015

High school within itself is very overwhelming--any student could tell you that. The pressures of high school are definitely something that scare not only incoming freshmen, but everyone who has ever been a secondary student. One of the biggest fears of entering high school has been Hollywood-ized forever:...

Admin: bullying on the rise

Lindsey Floyd, Opinions Editor

December 12, 2013

  The term “bullying” often surfaces in the halls of any given educational area, including primary and secondary schools. While it is a serious offense, there is no clear definition of what constitutes bullying. A passing comment or a seemingly offensive post falls under the gray area of punishabl...

Impact and Deaf Awareness Week

Ciera Woodfin and Alyx Alcala

January 18, 2013

For seven days, Impact members gathered at a table during all three lunches in front of a written pledge which called for respect and self-accountability. In exchange for a pledge signature, a teal ribbon was given to wear as a symbol of commitment to anti-bullying efforts. Impact’s President, senior...

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