Reboots tell stories better than originals


Rebooted shows are profitable and can often be much better than the original show. Originating from the “Godzilla” movies, reboots have progressed to TV shows as well. In fact, reboots only take up about 4.2% of movies that have come out in the past 30 years.

Some of the shows and movies that have been rebooted this year are “iCarly”, “Suicide Squad” (2021), “West Side Story”, “Ghostbusters”, and “Jungle Cruise”. In fact, any number of these  movies and shows are much better than the original and live up to their expectations. For example Suicide Squad and Ghostbusters were good reboots with Suicide Squad even receiving its own spin-off, Peacemaker. Although the iCarly reboot has not received as much publicity as the original show, it still has 4.1 stars in audience ratings. 

Reboots are more than simply just a reset, or bringing back a show. But,  reboots can also be a spinoff show, or a new movie just with different characters; such as “Suicide Squad” (2021) where they did a new movie with practically a whole new cast within the same cinematic universe, just with new characters. Traditionally, a reboot is something that had been canceled and brought back, but now many spinoffs and reboots are put under that umbrella even though they are completely separate and different from the original show. This is shown with the new :Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”, known simply as “Bel-Air”. This new show is completely separate from its original show in that it features some of the old characters, and the but its main story is completely different.

Although this method of TV and movie creation can get boring and overdone, if done in the right ways it can often be just as good if not better than the original.  Such as the case with characters such as Spider-man and Batman, both of which have been rebooted numerous times. Both of these characters are known around the world for their famous movies including: the new Batman, The Dark Knight trilogy, Spidermans 1-3, and “Spiderman: No Way Home”. All of these movies are arguably better than their original counterparts, having better effects, better acting, and better writing.

“King Kong” and “Godzilla”, two of the most famous monsters in film history, are also prime examples of renowned reboots. They have also been rebooted numerous times, the newest being a part of the Kong: Skull Island universe. 

These movies do not get rebooted just to be recycled but they often get rebooted because interest in the characters have risen again, special effects are significantly better than they used to be, and there are many talented directors willing to take up the challenge of a rebooted show or movie.

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