Point, Counterpoint: Should Hollywood be making reboots?

Reboots tell stories better than originals

Jackson Bergholz, staff reporter

  Rebooted shows are profitable and can often be much better than the original show. Originating from the “Godzilla” movies, reboots have progressed to TV shows as well. In fact, reboots only take up about 4.2% of movies that have come out in the past 30 years. Some of the shows and movies that have been rebooted this year are “iCarly”, “Suicide Squad” (2021), “West Side S...

Dear Hollywood, be original again

Tyler Blandin, Opinion Editor

“The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” “Ghostbusters,” and “the Mummy,” what do these films and movies have in common? They were told well enough the first time. Hollywood needs to make new movies instead of riding on the coattails of previous successes. The box office is choked with a glut of cash grab remakes, reboots, and uninspired sequels to franchises that should be rest in peace. Ins...

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