Are mandatory finals fair to students?

Finals must be mandatory state-wide

Saydria Ostler, Staff reporter

With so much change and uncertainty this year, many have wondered if finals are even a viable option for students in Arizona. With no precedent, many schools have opted out of having their students take finals, while other schools still require their students to take finals at the end of the semester. Some might see this as unfair because it will give students from different schools different dominance or ...

Students should be exempt from mandatory finals

Gavin Brennan, Opinions Editor

Ending any school year with the test that has a chance to break your grade is very stressful for all students. Especially when this grade is worth 20% of everything you have done in the entire semester. This year has had a lot of time stolen by the pandemic which has shortened the amount of days spent in school.  The main reason why finals should not be taken this year is because of the outrageous ...

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