Private proms: hot or not?

Private proms outshine school hosted ones

Kyler Allred, Staff Reporter

Privately hosted proms are exponentially better than those hosted by the school. They are considerably safe due to many precautions taken. With Arizona’s COVID-19 cases on the decline, a question of whether or not there was going to be a prom remained up in the air. Unfortunately, the district came out with a statement saying that there would be no prom. In response, many took it upon themselves...

Unofficial proms are a hazard for students

Tyler Blandin, Staff Reporter

With the official school prom canceled students have been looking at unofficial alternatives. These proms will be a danger to students and could result in a spike of student cases at local schools. At a time when schools are just getting back on their feet, super spreaders are the last problem the schools want to be dealing with. Unofficial proms are regulated by student planners who may choose to allow studen...

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