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Hop off the vape wagon

“Vape life bro!” “vape nation!……dank clouds my dude!” These phrases are all we hear coming from every teens mouth. In this day it’s hard to tell if the moronic comments we make should be taken serious.

The concept of vaping has blown up recently, it’s difficult to find a high school or even junior high student that has not, at least heard of the topic. An obvious concern for adults are the health dilemmas when under age teens vape, this can be very controversial since it depends on how and what a teen is vaping. The true purpose of the mods and juuls were to help consumers to quite smoking. Non-nicotine Vape mods are simply flavored air with non-addictive chemicals.

So what’s the point? Well with all the hype these day on living that vape life it is not necessarily the buzz from vaping that sets us off. The reputation students get for being all rad and rebellious is what’s addictive. The big heads teens get from the praise of puffing those pointless clouds, affect a lot in how they carry themselves at home and in campus.

Students and teens in general should ask themselves if what they actual point of vaping is just the adrenalin from thinking they’re doing something wrong. don’t get me wrong, there are concerns about the negative, long term effects of vaping.

The real issue that could count as a gateway to actual drug usage for students is the pressure they receive, when students get a “down and dangerous” public view. They aspire to find real kick trying to obtain their reputation. Face it, all the commotion about vaping is in the hands of us, it should not surprise us when yet another trend comes up for us to smoke. Ridiculous to think so but that’s what students need to realize, this is an issue that connects to our school and it’s us who needs to take the first step of getting over ourselves living that vape life.

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