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Vape: a cultural phenomenon

Yet another trend has propelled its way into the lives of teenagers; vape. The trend that has clouded the minds of high schoolers all over. But why is it so trendy? Or a better question, how did vaping come to be? Where did it all start?

Vaping, or the use of e-cigarettes (e-cigs), was and has been a successful way of weaning hard cigarette smokers off of smoking cigarettes. But as e-cigs become a popular way to get out of smoking cigarettes, it has also became a popular way for teens to satisfy their smoking cravings.

As vaping grows in popularity, students have gotten a hold of these vapes. Teens smoke in their cars, or in the parking lot.

Vaping has become a cultural phenomenon. It’s almost impossible to drive down the road and not see a vape cafe out the window, or smoke coming from a car full of teenagers. These vape cafes have become new popular hang outs as they attract vapers with a variety of flavors and a low-key social environment.

Vaping from this perspective seems to be harmless and just another way to mingle with your peers. However, when vaping is happening on a high school campus, the issue becomes much more complicated.

Because the health effects and the overall risks of vaping are still a bit fuzzy it’s hard to solidify if or why vaping is bad- especially when so many students are participating. But, students who are caught vaping by administration are punished by five days of out of school suspension.

If e-cigarettes were first created to help people escape cigarette addiction, then what is the appeal to young high schoolers?

One anonymous source expressed that vaping “is more of a social thing” and a way to “just have fun with your friends.”

This new trend has generated a whole new industry as vapers are able to buy all kinds of accessories like a vape pens, juuls, and hundreds of juice flavors.

Billions of dollars are spent on cigarettes each year but e-cigarettes sales are catapulting. It has been predicted that in 2017 the vape industry will make $10 billion dollars.

The popular phenomenon is also attracting teenagers because of the “cool” smoke tricks that some enjoy.  

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