Green Day, U2, We Revolt

March 5, 2019

It may be impossible to imagine legendary bands such as U2 and Green Day jamming in their garages after a long school day, but during their teenage years, those greats were no different than senior Ian Cunningham and his band We Revolt. Drew Anderson, Maddox Hallums, Vic Anthony, Mitchell Sutterby, and Ian Cunningham are revolting against the current norms of meaningless mumble rap with the fighting words of a band belonging in a simpler time.

The five-piece group cites Green Day, Jimmy Eat World, and A Day to Remember as influences on their Facebook page.

Ian Cunningham plays the bass in We Revolt, joining the band almost a year into its life. His favorite aspect of being in a band is: “being able to travel all over the state” and performing in front of growing audiences, including the Queen Creek Trunk or Treat, which had over 10,000 people.

Their first single, Nostalgia, is available on Spotify, iTunes, and Soundcloud. And yet, nostalgia is not simply the title of their first song. On Facebook Nicole Hedges claimed, “[We Revolt] has a great feel, gives me feelings of nostalgia.” This comment is among countless others on social media expressing their love of the band.

We Revolt may or may not remain together through their college and later years, but the memories they will make touring will undoubtedly stay with them forever.

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