Unofficial proms are a hazard for students

With the official school prom canceled students have been looking at unofficial alternatives. These proms will be a danger to students and could result in a spike of student cases at local schools. At a time when schools are just getting back on their feet, super spreaders are the last problem the schools want to be dealing with.

Unofficial proms are regulated by student planners who may choose to allow students to attend without masks now that the mandate has been relaxed. An unmasked gathering could result in a sharp increase in attendees that need to be quarantined. Unofficial proms threaten to undo the school administration’s hard work in keeping students safe.

Event security at these proms is also an issue, as the school events are typically monitored by teachers and security guards. Unofficial proms would have to find their own security or have none at all, both of which are potentially dangerous situations. With no security or masks a student-hosted prom could end up a hazard to students.

The school’s official proms also handle logistical hassles, such as getting food, securing a venue, and selling tickets. A private event may struggle to obtain essential supplies for a fun and safe event. If masks are enforced they may not be provided and attendees without a face covering could be robbed of the experience. 

Dress code is another matter for a private event because prom is traditionally a black tie event. The dress code is typically enforced by school officials but a private event would have much more trouble finding the appropriate way to make sure attendees are well dressed. 

Prom is also an expensive event, official or not, and obtaining tickets for a private event could prove difficult for many students. There will likely be multiple proms hosted by different students and friend groups could find themselves split up or unable to get everyone to the same prom. 

There’s also the possibility that an attendee could be injured or some other tragedy could occur. At a private prom there may not be enough adults or even none at all to handle a crisis should one arise. 

Arranging a prom is difficult, and is usually done as a collaborative effort between students and staff. Unsponsored events that are arranged by people without the expertise of an experienced administration will unfortunately likely fall short of expectations.

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