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Learn how to change your tires; it only takes a few minutes!

Learn how to change your tires; it only takes a few minutes!

Daniel Cappucci

Daniel Cappucci

Learn how to change your tires; it only takes a few minutes!

5 skills every teen driver should learn for the road

Change a Tire

Changing a flat is the most fundamental and basic of car repairs, and the most important. You shouldn’t have to call someone just to come and do something you can do on your own in a matter of minutes. Keep in mind where you pull off: never stop in the middle of traffic. If it means driving for a mile with your hazards on at 20 to find a safe pull-off, by all means, please do so.


Jump-start a dead car

Just like changing a flat, being able to jump-start your dead battery can save valuable time and money. Even if the other person doesn’t know how, all you need is a set of cables and their good battery. Being able to jump-start a car, you also get to help that cute girl a few spots down who killed her battery by leaving her lights on.

Daniel Cappucci
Knowing how to jump-start a battery can save you hours from being stranded.

Drive manual

Considered a dying skill by many, the art of driving a manual transmission car is slowly fading away. With the proliferation of automatic cars in modern America, a manual is seen as not fuel efficient or practical anymore. It is, however, fun and engaging. It’s a way to better connect with your car, maintain greater control over it, and keep you engaged & on your toes while driving.


Parallel parking

While not required to pass every driver’s test– depending on which MVD site you go to– parallel parking is still an easy-to-learn driving skill that will shorten parking times and increase your driving ability. It’s another way to get to know the corners and dimensions your car, which can help in all kinds of other low-speed low-clearance scenarios.


Not text and drive

You shouldn’t have to be told not to use your phone while driving– even for changing music. Every second your eyes are off the road, your chances of seriously injuring yourself or someone else increases dramatically. 11 teens die everyday as a result of texting while driving, and one out of every four car accidents in the U.S. is caused by texting and driving.

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