Softball works together to take on their season

Spring sports are starting their preseason training including softball, which started preseason training on Feb. 2nd. Every week during Feb. they train on Tuesdays, Thursdays and have games on Wednesdays all leading up to tryouts on March first. 

There are many different goals that the team tries to accomplish during the preseason. The overall goal for the coaches is to see where the team is at and what the team will look like before the season even starts. The softball head coach Robert Hehe says “most of what we’re doing right now is just evaluating the talent level to know once tryouts happen how we can separate them.” This year’s preseason is even more important because it will be the first time coaches are seeing what level some of the freshmen are at because the summer camp that is held to evaluate them was canceled. “We’ve always run a summer camp and can get a good look at all the incoming Freshman kids that I haven’t gotten to see,” Hehe said. 

During preseason, the player’s goal is to try and build up their teamwork going into the season. Senior outfielder Kaylee Kates says “Mostly just working on keeping everybody as a team, one team one goal.” Another player, Senior Briana Mattos says”And really just working on our skills and staying consistent”, about preseason goals. 

Softball is only two weeks into their preseason, but according to Hehe overall everyone is looking really strong so far. “Pretty much all my returning kids and hitters are killing it right now,” said Hehe adding, “then we have some freshman kids that have come in that are really good as well.” With the freshmen and returning players coming in strong during preseason the team should be ready for when games begin. 

Freshman Maraye Johnson is joining the team this year, and is excited to be a part of it. “It’s really fun, I am excited to make new friends on the team,” says Johnson. Johnson is working hard now to get the chance to have a spot on the official team. Johnson mentions “I have done okay [during preseason but] there is definitely room for improvement.” 

Based on the work that the team has been putting in during these last two weeks, the team already has high goals they want to achieve once the official season starts. “Our team is probably better than anything we have had in years past, so if we had a chance to win the whole thing this would be the year that it would happen,” said Hehe about his hopes going into the season. 

Kates also hopes that they will make it far into the state championships, “I think we’re going to do really well, we’re going to make it far” says Kates. 

With the team playing strongly in the preseason the team is ready to take on the real season starting on Mar. 1st.