Perry Fashion Class takes on Chandler Innovation


Ms.Pryor’s Fashion and Design class 1, 2, 3, and 4 are attending the Chandler Innovation Fashion Fair for the first time ever this year. 

On February 22,2020, students from all Career Technical Education classes will be taking part in the showcase at Hamilton High School. Pryor states “ They have been asking for us to come for a while and we finally decided we wanted to go.” 

During the fair students will be displaying their projects they have completed in Fashion, Design, or Merchandising. Stickers created for fundraiser, bath bombs for a merchandising lesson, and sewing projects created by first year students will be on display. Interior design dream rooms in 3 dimensional and storyboards will also be included in the Chandler Innovation Fashion Fair.  

Perry fashion and design classes comes in an effort to show off to other schools what they have worked on over the years of designing and creating.