Restaurant Review: Alamo Drafthouse A Movie and Restaurant all in one


Watch a movie while being able to eat your favorite american foods, Well the Alamo Draft house is right up your ally. The Alamo Draft house is a nice family place to dine and watch a movie all in one. They put together two things people love; eating and watching movies. Walking through the doors it is filled with color, looks of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory or a candy land. They have a huge multi-course menu selection, with many things to choose from. Their shakes are a personal favorite, order the Chocolate Chip shake and it will be a shake you will never forget. Their food can be a little bit pricey but is worth the pay. Once you step into the doors you will have the choice of picking where you want to sit. Once you get your seats you are able to grab a menu and get a notepad to write down your order. The servers are very quick to notice once you are done writing down what you want. The food comes out in a decent time and is hot out of the kitchen. 

The Alamo doesn’t just offer new movies that come out they also do special events where the put on old movies. Which brings more attention to their theater. They are very strict on their rules, if you are using your phone while watching the movie or disrupting other you have a high risk of getting kicked out, so I would recommend to put your phone away until the movie has ended. Staff members are quick to customers needs, once you have placed your note card up they will snatch it right away and get to work on your meal. Sometimes it can be annoying to have a worker cross in front of you while watching your movie but other than that the Alamo is a fantastic place. 

I would consider this restaurant a four out of five stars. The staff was wonderful, the food was fantastic, and the environment was very cozy. I would definitely bring my family and friends to the Alamo for a fun night out. It was overall a great experience and I would definitely be going there to see the next new movie that comes out and to grab a bite to eat. So next time you’re looking for a new movie theater to try, head on down to the Alamo Draft house.