Mxmtoon: music teens can relate to


Nineteen year old musician Maia Alexander, known to her fans as mxmtoon (pronounced em-ex-em-toon), has accumulated over 100 million plays on Spotify since her debut EP “plum blossom” in 2018.

Maia often describes her music as “rhyming diary entries,” her music describes her deep thoughts and feelings.

 “When I first started making music it felt like an escape from my day-to-day life, where I’d have to put on a mask to hide what I was really feeling,” she said in an interview with Foundations Music

Originally from Oakland, she started recording music in her parents’ guest room not knowing that less than a year later she would gain millions of followers because of her music. She also has 347 thousand followers on Instagram, 492 thousand subscribers on YouTube and one million followers on TikTok.

Her music ranges from soft and bubbly songs like her song “cliche” to more slow and emotional songs like “seasonal depression.”  

In “seasonal depression” she describes feeling trapped in your mind during rainy weather. The song “cliche” describes the feeling of meeting someone for the first time and starting a blossoming relationship. 

Many teens can relate to the song and the feeling of being nervous about talking to the person you are attracted to like the song describes. Her music can relate to any mood you are in or even help to lift your spirits with her more light hearted songs. 

Many seniors in high school can relate to the song “prom dress” this song describes the feeling of getting to the end of high school and nothing being the way you thought it would be. It also describes the stress of adulthood quickly approaching and not knowing how to handle it.

 “I hope people come away from it feeling like the songs belong to them too — like now there’s a piece of art in the world that speaks to their own experiences, even if they’d always felt like they were alone.”

 The bond that she has formed with her fans is undeniable. She provides a space for her listeners to help them to not feel alone in the world.