StuGo does wonders for Perry


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StuGo is known for organizing assembles, dances, and spirit weeks. However, many do not realize the influence StuGo has on many of the experiences the student body is able to take part in.

High school dances are a highlight of many throughout their high school career. From taking photos with friends to enjoying a night out, dances are filled with the memories that many hold onto forever.

The face behind every decorations and ticket sale is StuGo. They are constantly staying involved on campus. Whether it is Smiles for the Season or Prom royalty, there is always something on the calendar for StuGo students.

They are a major part of Perry and remain active within the community. Social media accounts allow StuGo to stay connected with the student body and relevant in understanding what students on campus want to see.

Being student-orientated gives select students the opportunity to make and see changes on campus. They get funds from the school, but go even further setting up fundraiser.

From Make-A-Wish to selling t-shirts, StuGo gives students the option to feel a part of something at school. They advocate for students by hosting their annual Perry Idol, showcasing the many talents of fellow Pumas.

By encouraging change and accepting new ideas, StuGo is a symbol of keeping the student voice audible within the changes among campus. Without any form of student government, students wouldn’t be given many opportunities to participate in functions on campus.

A school without dances, themed football games, school pride and spirit would be lost in  homework and tasks ahead.

School spirit and fun would be washed out and drained without StuGo constantly getting the student population involved on campus. They encourage students to participate in lunch time volleyball games, dunk tanks, fundraisers and much more. They are constantly on their feet getting things done and lively keeping school spirit alive and thriving. They show up to everything and never fail to impress.  


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