Dancers take their final step on the stage


Tatum Weight

One of Movéo’s favorites, senior Tatum Weight, has made quite an impact on the dance program. Being a member all four years of high school, she has “loved every minute of it”.

By taking part in the program, Weight said, “ [it] has helped me meet so many different people…and has introduced me to some of my best friends,” and “[it] has helped me fall in love with dance, and has taught me the importance of teamwork and never giving up.”

Although her high school days are nearing an end, she plans to continue her dance career in college. She will be attending the University of San Diego as a member of the USD Dance Team, which is a major accomplishment and addition in beginning the next chapter of her life.

According to Weight, the popularity of Movéo dance company in the Chandler School District “is an honor and speaks very highly of our director, Mrs. Sadler, who works very hard to make us better each day.”

She is moving on from high school, however, she concluded, “I am going to miss the relationships I’ve made with other students and the faculty of Perry, thanks to the dance program Perry offers and the nature of the student life at this school.”

Tyra Thompson

Senior Tyra Thompson, one of Perry’s most prestigious dancers has demonstrated her leadership and ambition on and off the stage.

No matter what, Thompson on always seems to emulate confidence, making her the perfect match to be a representative of Movéo Dance Company.

At first, Thompson attended Highland where she also performed on the dance company. Her sophomore year, she transferred to Perry and “it was definitely an easier transition… not knowing anyone, I felt like once I started dance I had a solid group of friends.”

Ever since her transfer, she has left the Perry student body astonished due to her rare, natural talent.

In the nearby future, Thompson has decided to attend Grand Canyon University and received a “$12,000 scholarship for the GCU dance team, which I made.”

“I’m really excited to move on and I can’t wait to continue dancing,” Thompson added.

Of course, the idea of moving on from the memories of high school is difficult for all seniors including Thompson. She expressed, “I’m definitely going to miss dance the most. Movéo was like a second family to me and not being able to have that anymore is going to be a huge deal.”