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Evolution of dating through the 20th century

Evolution of dating through the 20th century

Savannah Ostler, Staff Reporter

February 2, 2016

Throughout the 20th century, relationships have evolved from courting and staying in, to going out and online dating. Things that are not socially acceptable today were perfectly normal back then. People used to meet up with lots of different people and tried to get to know them, but today if peop...

Acid Rap vs. 10 Day

Tanner Serrano

October 25, 2013

Chance the Rapper, a Chicago native, has released two highly acclaimed mixtapes on his journey to fame. 10 Day was the first tape he released, inspired by a 10 day long suspension during his senior year. But it was his following project, Acid Rap, that would propel Chance into the national spotlight. ...

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