The student voice of Perry High School

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Sleep deprivation and stress on the rise in education

Sarah Campbell and Sam Nabaty

December 16, 2016

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Intelligence, opportunities, knowledge: all byproducts of getting an education. However, these things often come with a cost of stress, anxiety and sleep deprivation. Whether it be to get accepted into a specific college or pressure from parents, several students are struggling in an attempt to balan...

School lacks protocol regarding illness

School lacks protocol regarding illness

Valerie Burgess and Sarah Lankford

December 14, 2015

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As a society, we raise awareness for diseases that can be seen. We walk around a track for several hours throughout the night for cancer, or we come together in a community event to sell pastries to support the healing of a student who faced a catastrophic car accident. Their messages spread and catch...

Freshman publishes first novel

Amanda Lee

September 15, 2012

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For freshman Randi Ryan, her “dream job” is no longer a dream. She recently published her first novel in May, Cat’s Game. Cat’s Game was published through a self publishing company called CreateSpace. Ryan created a cover and uploaded the over 300 page manuscript, which were sent to Amazon...

The student voice of Perry High School
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