Basketball off to hot start


JJ Fought

Dylan Anderson winning tip against Chandler during second game of the season. Perry beat their opponent 69-39.

As the season begins, basketball has been on a tear, winning the first 4 games against Hamilton, Chandler, Corona del Sol, and Kofa. The team appears to be on top of things and in sync all around. With their more recent performance against Kofa winning 80-25 with a great display of both defense and offense on the court. 

On defense the team shows skill, devotion and appears to know what is happening at all times even in high pressure situations. Senior DeMarco Wiley says that “defense has been a key focus over practice.” With a strong defensive focus, offense has been anything but ignored.Offensively there is no shortage of talent, and the chemistry between the players, and the team keeping  a good tempo. 

The strength of the team’s bond shows through every play, and it is very clear the group has also put a lot of work towards their offense.“We have a strong team bond and were able to give the ball and have everyone get a touch in order to push the tempo” said Wiley. The group shows a strength in the way they are able to convert points while driving in and from range.

 Although the team is doing well,they have also faced their fare share of adversities as a team. many adversities this season. With coronavirus being a large issue and the winter sports season being called off and put back into play many times, the basketball team got off to a rough start.

Many team members were left to wonder if they were even going to have a season this year. “Initially nobody knew if we were playing a season so the team was in a state of limbo. But we have moved past it and everyone is used to the way things are.” Head Coach Sam Duane said with some recurrence. And wearing masks has not been an issue for them because they have been practicing in them since before the AIA required them, showing a strong push for keeping their season. 

And even after facing difficult challenges, the team shows confidence about where they stand. Coach Duane says “A major strength of the team is the retained experience from last year and we have great leadership within our players and coaching staff.” 

The team’s experience is reflected through how they play. Wiley said “We have a strong bond as a team and that allows us to make things happen” the players continue to show how strong of a group they are. This season seems to be a promising year as they pushed through pandemic issues and have been able to start off hot.