One win and one loss for wrestling



Freshman Wyatt Milnes wrestling against Red Mountain on January 19th. This was Milnes first time wrestling for the team, but even though he is new he was still able to win his match.

Wrestling has had many uncertainties to the start of their season, from continually getting postponed, to even being canceled at one point. Because of that, the pumas did not waste their opportunity to wrestle. The Pumas have had two matches thus far this season; the first match against Red Mountain winning, 59-14. The team’s second match against Campo Verde which resulted in a loss of 47-17. Despite the loss, the team is still ready to accomplish their goal of placing higher at State which pushes each wrestler’s individual goals as the season kicks off.  

Since winter sports were re-approved, regulations have changed for wrestlers.The most notable rule involves having to wear a mask at all times, including when wrestling. Head coach Alexander Pavelenko states, “It is really tough for the wrestlers to breath, but it is what we must do to have a season, so we are doing it.” Despite the challenge of wrestling in a mask, wrestlers are following the rules so they can still have a season.

 Senior captain Caleb Milnes says, “It makes it way harder to breathe but other than that it’s fine. I can’t really say it’s a bad thing because it keeps us safe” about the mask regulations. But then when later asked about how he was feeling for the upcoming season said “I’m scared maybe it’ll get canceled again that it already got cancelled once.”  

This season there is a new Freshman to the Varsity team, Wyatt Milnes and he has already started making a name for himself by winning his first match on Wednesday Jan. 20. Even though this is the start to his high school career, Milnes has high goals for himself of wanting to place at State this year, and is excited to see what the season brings. He mentions, “I am going to work hard, try my hardest and see what happens from there.”  

Last season there were many wrestlers that were able to make it to the State Championship, and this year the Pumas are hoping to do the same, as well as placing higher in State rankings. Pavlenko states, “The team’s goal this year is to place at state higher than last year. Going to be a hard task knowing we got 6th at state last year, but we are up for the challenge.” Caleb Milnes who was able to win 4th place at state last year has even bigger goals to accomplish this year at state, “a personal goal of mine is to win the state championship,” Milnes states. 

The Pumas won the first match of the season against Red mountain, but according to Pavlenko there is still a hard season to come. “We have one of the toughest schedules in the state,” Pavlenko says when commenting on the upcoming matches this season. 

Wrestling’s tough schedule was proven on Jan. 21  against Campo Verde with a loss. When asked what went wrong against Campo Verde, senior captain Jacob Hanson says, “Mostly with shooting, we just need better shooting, and to keep staying away from them.” 

With one win and one loss in the bag, wrestling continues to push forward on their road to state with preparation for their next match against Liberty High School on Jan. 27.