Our Take On Soccer Fields

The dangers of the unkempt soccer fields


The fields here at Perry High are causing major problems for the upcoming soccer season. “Anytime you have as many teams as we have on our fields there is going to be an issue with overuse” Principal Dan Serrano Says. Because of the upcoming soccer season, we are concerned about the safety of the players on our field. However, the district does try to maintain the fields, “The district in the summer closes down most of those fields to bring them back to life” Serrano adds. The district is trying to revive the fields, and it works for the first season of the year, but, after football, the fields are in disarray. The football team actually practices on the soccer fields, not the football field in order to keep it pristine for games. In an interview with John Roberts, the girls soccer coach, he says, “we have had players get hurt every year that I have been here and I am sure we will have more as the field keeps getting worse and worse.” The dangers of the soccer fields increase each year, even last year “they put wood chips on it,” says Roberts. The possibilities are endless and can eventually lead to costing us a state championship or a players future.