Girls’ Basketball coming back strong



The Pumas are getting ready for their season with their dedication to practicing basketball and building trust with members of the team. They have some unfinished business from last year with an overall 18-9, and a loss to Valley Vista in the playoffs. 

“They got an edge on us and we kind of fell apart,” said senior guard Loryn Harper. The team has recently been working diligently on communication and team building as well as different playing strategies. 

“We just have to get better at everything … if we were more consistent on offense and defense everything else sort of handles itself,” head coach Andrew Curtis said. 

The Pumas for being a young team have great experiences and well qualified captains and coaches who are going to help lead victories this year. 

“I’ve been with these girls the whole time. We’ve grown a lot,” said Harper.

  Coach Curtis is looking forward to the 2019-2020 season because “…our team is so dynamic, at any given night anyone could make an impact. That’s a tough thing for the other teams that play us we just have so much depth and really good players across the board, they can’t really key on just anybody.” Said Coach Curtis. 

The basketball team has seven returning players this year, including all CUSD guards Madison Conner and Tatyanna Clayburne. Some of the players led to region last year. Conner was 3rd in premier region.She came out on top with first in rebounds at 183, and a PPG of 17.7.   Clayburne was 7th in Premier Region. Clayburne also got 113 assists. Grace Oken was also in the top ten. The team has had a lot of experience and is bringing back leaders this year who are capable of bringing better games this year. With that, the Pumas are ready to kick off the new season better than ever before. The first home game is Dec. 2 at 7 p.m. against Westview.