Kalli Fama Q&A, her senior plan


Leo Giron

Kalli Fama talking with head coach Stephanie Carrasco.

Another year goes by in the pool, filled with new swimmers and recognized veterans. Senior Kalli Fama returns for her fourth year in varsity, taking on a different route and preparing for her future. With the experience that built up over the rigorous practices, Fama’s experience benefits those in the pool and the new upcoming challenge: college.

It is your fourth year on varsity, how does it feel knowing you’re now the most experienced swimmer in the pool?
“It feels good, I feel like I can mentor a lot more than, you know, sometimes when you are the youngest and you want to help other people, it’s kinda hard that way. So, I feel like I can be a bigger help to the team in that way.”

How does the team look this year?
“Actually really good, we have some really fast freshmen: Reese Carpenter, Debra Abbott, and Bella Schaller are really stepping it up. Same with the boys side.”

Last year you won state in the 100-yard freestyle and were the runner up in the 200. Can you talk about that experience on the state level and how it has helped you grow heading into the season?
“It was a really cool experience. I’m hoping to win state again, so I’m kinda trying to work towards that, it’s going to be a little different this year because I’m coming into state at a different approach cause I have a really big meet after state for club, so I’m kinda going at a different approach. We’ll see how it goes.”

Last year Perry had an excellent relay team in which you and Chloe Convis are returning. Are you and Chloe still a part of that relay team and what do you think about the team right now?
“Chloe and I are still a part of the team, it’s going to be a good season for the both of us, but again those freshman girls have a lot of experience…so they’ll be part of that relay as well.”

I saw that you committed to Michigan. Would you talk about what drew you to that school and what excites you about spending the next four years in Ann Arbor?
“I was actually not expecting to even go in that area, but I was kind of trying to stay over in California, Arizona kind of area. But I saw the opportunity with a number two school for swimming in the nation and I jumped on it. I’m super excited to go there.

What would you major in?
“I’m not sure yet, I kinda want to go into architecture or nursing.”

On the national stage, I saw that you competed in Iowa earlier this month and it looks like you swam very well. Would you talk about that experience and if national – or international – competition is something you are aspiring towards?
“Definitely, there’s a lot of higher level meets that even I, as like an experienced swimmer, haven’t got to yet and that’s what I’m still shooting for. I was really a different experience because having a lot of health issues right before, so it was kind of my first experience with like having to face that challenge and still get to there. So, it kind of pushed me farther to get to more national level meets.”

With practice occurring everyday, except on Thursdays when they have meets, the swim team is constantly training to reach their goal: state. The new freshmen have gained a large amount of praise, a lot of hope being placed upon them. With the correlation of fast freshmen, returning members like Kalli Fama, and head coach Stephanie Carrasco entering her 12th year as head coach for both boys and girls swim, the guidance offered allows the build up of a strong team.