Runners Ready For New Season



Taylor Lovell, a sophmore runner on the varsity team.

From August through the first week of September, the cross country athletes start their training at 5 am Monday through Friday. After that, the training is pushed to afternoons from 2:30 to 4 until the end of season. It takes a great deal of dedication and perseverance to workout for as long as this team does, especially in the grueling Arizona heat. With the top guys running 12 miles and the girls running 11, they are in great shape for their first meet on September 7. 


“We look really good. We have a really solid top 7… all the girls from varsity were here last year” coach Bryan Idleman said when asked how the team is looking so far.


Taylor Lovell is one of many talented runners on the girls team. She placed 9th at state last year with a time of 19 minutes and 29 seconds, being the highest placed freshman girl of the division.  Making varsity as a freshman and running such outstanding times are just a few reasons she is one of the best our school has. 


When asked what she loved most about cross country, she responded, “It’s time to think…you are not really racing against anyone else, it’s mostly racing against yourself.”


Lovell also added that everyone on the cross country team works so hard, and they are all so supportive of each other. Especially the Miller twins, who she spoke of multiple times.


“Kylie and Kate are always pushing me. Kylie got eighth at state and she’s been amazing,” Taylor said with obvious admiration for her teammates. 


Coach Idleman recognizes the close relationship between the girls and said, “When the girls know what to expect from each other, they’re going to step up, and they’ve got each other’s backs.” 


In a sport like cross country, it is necessary to have a team of close-knit athletes. The bonds these students develop with the people they practice alongside nearly everyday is essential to a successful season. It not only provides motivation and outstanding results, but also leads to many lifelong friendships. The stronger the bond, the stronger the team, and our cross country team is a perfect example.