Cross Country; Competition side by side


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On the team of many committed students there are the well known Kate and Kylie Miller. These students are twin sisters on the same cross country team. They train, race, and run together. With this in mind you can only image the competition between the two fast teens.

“Were very competitive… Kylie definitely is more competitive..” .kate expressed with a smirk.

Both the girls and boys cross  country team practice together behind the E building after school every couple of days a week and sometimes early in the morning when the weather is cooler. The cross country team endures an overwhelming amount of exercise in the heat of the arizona sun. With this in mind you can only image how straining the workouts can be.

“Were doing really good we got 3rd for the last two meets like last year we didn’t place at all in a lot of the meets were doing really good this year.. We beat highland so..” ,Katie expressed..

On a typical practice day it is one hundred to one hundred fifthteen degrees of pure dry heat beaming down. They run for a warm up a total of four miles. That is only the start of an edurancing enhancing practice. Reps, sweat, injuries, cold water in gatorade containers, granola bars and plenty of running.

“Were very competitive…” said Katie with a smirk.

“ We usually switch on and off for who wins since the eighth’s a really friendly competition..”, said Kylie reminiscing on past races.

The competitive driven teens are some of the fastest runners at perry high school. The teams energy at practice is astonishing. Its fast pace all the time and calls a lot out of the students participating in the tough sport. but the the end of the day when the races are finished the twins love to celebrate a win.

“Lots and lots of ice cream.. My favorite type of ice cream is chocolate..” Katie said as a smile stretched across her face.

They truly are star athletes. They fully are in love with running and enjoy every aspect of the sport. After everything is all said and done from the hours of stranius practice to the blazing sun burns the athletes recover using ice baths and plenty of stretching. Getting to know these talented athletes and a look into the life of a balanced student.