Victory at Westwood?

The lights are shining onto the field as the sun begins to set. Players rush out and ready themselves for that first whistle blow. 3, 2, 1, the whistle blows and the first hit is made. The game is in action and we can only hope to take home a victory. The Puma football team is coming out strong this season, with a record of 2 wins and no losses. The team has quite a bit of talent this year with many of the starting players being seniors.

Coach Preston Jones has high hopes for this season as he explained,“Our ultimate goal is to play for a state championship, but in order to do that we’ve got to get better every week. Our expectation is to get better every week.” The team is on their way to that championship, letting nothing get in their way so far.

Their first two games showed to be easy victories over Desert Vista and Millennium. This week, they are away for their third game in a row at Westwood High School.

Jones said, “Westwood struggled their first game, but came back their second game and played really well. We are hoping we get a good challenge.” They have been working really hard this season in practices and it is paying off. According to the rankings, this should prove to be an easy game for the Pumas.

Braden Ford, a senior on the team this year, was very humble in saying that “No win is easy, and it will be a tough one, but hopefully we will come out on top.” They have been working very hard this season and are really striving to come out with a state championship. The team is taking every game seriously, leaving everything that they have on the field.

They are preparing themselves very seriously for the upcoming game, “we can’t take any game lightly.” Ford stated. Every game is taken very seriously and they are all prepared for in the very same way; with hard work and dedication.

Starting quarterback, Brock Purdy, said “I’m confident, we’ve had a good few days of practice so far and we feel good about winning tomorrow. It should be an interesting game to watch. The team hopes to see some members of the Puma Nation come out and support them while they are away this week. From the looks of it, the Pumas are set and ready to play Westwood this Friday, and bring home yet another victory this season.