Emmas Dilemma: Perry needs power puff football game


Newspaper adviser Damien Tippett

Editor and chief Emma Fernandez.

High school has its traditions. From school dances like homecoming, prom, and Morp to the seniors’ pranks and ditch day. To the sporting events like the homecoming football game, senior night basketball game, and rivalry baseball game. High school is full of annual crowd pleasers. Most schools have another tradition known as powder puff football where female athletes get the chance to compete in the primarily male game of football. Many students look forward to the exciting “role reversal” game, however Perry does not offer this teenage experience.

A powder puff game would give girls a memorable experience with the game of football. Playing football at Grandma’s on Thanksgiving is fun, but girls never get to experience what a real game feels like. On the other side, the gridiron gang would be able to experience a different view of the game, from the stands.

The event could even make the school money if they charged a small fee to spectators of the game. The game would be popular among students because it would be a traditional event new to Perry. Students would be excited to finally join the other high schools as sponsors of powder puff football. They would quickly adapt the game as an annual event, bringing in a little extra money each year. Or we could give all the earnings to a local charity or cause similar to the annual Blondes vs. Brunettes game held in Washington D.C. that donates its proceeds to The Alzheimer’s Association. Perry powder puff could join the trend and give the money raised to Puma families in need.

The game would be open to all girls but one might assume mostly athletes would participate. This brings up the concern of star athletes getting hurt during the powder puff game. However, they will not be playing tackle and no one is going to get hurt during a game of flag football. A group of ten year olds playing two-hand-touch would be more dangerous.