PHS Pumas Volleyball Preview


Set up the nets for the 2014 Boys volleyball team starting in February. The schedule for the boys team consists of equally good teams, both skill and talent wise. Coach Brian Pomerantz looks toward a successful season, hopefully ending with a championship game.

“I think our senior team is ready for the challenge, but [they] need more team chemistry,” Pomerantz said.

The team is ready for their tough schedule but if they want to make a showing in the championship game they need a little more practice. With the expected four seniors trying out the varsity team will be junior and sophomore heavy.

“The schedule is usually tough and if it’s not tough, it’s the opposite,” Pomerantz explained.

The Pumas will have another tough schedule including tilts against Skyline, Highland, and Hamilton, not to mention reigning state champion Desert Vista at home on Mar. 27. Pomerantz expects the team to play on to the championship game throughout the season and play hard for their victory.