Influencers making extra cash on the side


Derek Fernandez

Influencer marketing is a form of social media marketing involving celebrities to endorse their products. Instagram took the lead in the preferred media app for businesses.

It is not an alien concept that once you have obtained a certain amount of fame, you have an influence on where people spend their money. The term influencer came from this philosophy; whatever the public eye sees their favorite celebrities doing they instantly want to get up and mimic it because they idolize them.. Due to this human behavior, industries have been becoming more strategic on their approach when it comes to influencer marketing. 

Companies are prone to using celebrities’ faces on their advertisements; if they can convince consumers that these celebrities endorse their products then they will have a higher chance of them buying it.. According to the data collected from eMarketer, throughout the years there has been a steady, significant growth in the percentage of marketers that use influencer marketing. In just 3 years, the percentage of marketers who leveraged influencer marketing has increased by 17.1% and now stands at 72.5%. 

It is evident that influencer marketing helps companies grow exponentially. Their followers view them as trustworthy experts and as a higher being, so influencers play a huge part in manipulating the marketing industry. In the time span of six years, influencers were able to increase the market from $1.7 billion, in the year 2016, to a projected $16.4 billion industry. Companies related to or in partnership with influencers have seen a growth of 26%. 

Companies found that Instagram is the most effective social media platform when it comes to promoting their products. Influencers now can make posts with a banner with the company’s name that paid them to sponsor their products. All of these influencers have such a wide range of followers who are constantly waiting for them to post, so when they do this strategically these companies are getting a large range of publicity. Seventy-nine percent of all marketers prefer to use Instagram over any other social media.