Mountain Biking Team gears up for new season


Andrew Harrison

Senior Brayden Baker and fellow teammate race at competition. The Mountain Biking Team competed in five races during their season.

Going to school on such a big campus can lead to a lot of the smaller clubs and off-campus sports to be overlooked. However, the Mountain Biking Team begins this season with 24 riders and 10 coaches. The Perry team practices with Payne Jr. High, which has 35 riders and 14 coaches. The team competes four times a season, which lasts from September through November. The fifth race is the High School Championship which ends the season in Sierra Vista. 

The team starts pre-season training in April and continues through the rest of the school year. “We begin the pre-season to work on skills and fundamentals of mountain biking. Then our official season starts in July,” said Head coach Tim Baker. The team practices on Monday and Wednesday with optional practices on the weekend. 

After last year’s season being cut short, the riders are excited for this season. “This season I’m looking forward to racing and just having a good time,” said senior Brayden Baker. 

Both racers and coaches are looking forward to this season. “I’m looking forward to going and watching them and cheering for them. We have a lot of new riders, so we want to make sure they have a great experience and want to come back next year,” said club sponsor Keddi Kerby. 

Despite the excitement, there are a few concerns heading into this year’s season. “I’m hopeful we will have a traditional racing season this year as the global pandemic last year cancelled our season,” said Coach Baker. 

This year the team has a lot of new members, which means new potential, but also more risks. “One of my concerns is the new riders. I just don’t want them to crash and get hurt. I hope that they’re safe on the trails,” said Brayden Baker.

Although the team has gained new members, they have also lost the graduating senior from last year’s team. “It’s kind of a bummer losing last year’s seniors. You grow up with those guys, and you look up to them. But I guess I’m a senior, so kids can look up to me,” said Brayden Baker.

 Losing the students allows new students to take leadership positions. “We did lose a lot of seniors who had been on the team for a long time, so they were really good leaders, but our current seniors are ready to step up and take the reins,” said Kerby. 

The team is excited for the opportunities this upcoming season. “We have a great club with talented coaches who help teach the skills to make the sport even more fun. It truly is a sport you can do for your entire life, and it takes you into the depths of nature to see some of the incredible sights,” said Coach Baker. The coaches and riders are very excited that they can have  this school-sponsored club.