Graduation ceremonies, parties require thoughtful planning


Makayla Premo

Bryce Harger and Alyssa Premo are demonstrating a good and bad outfit to wear for graduation. The left is what not to wear, and the right is what to wear.

Picking the perfect outfit for graduation can be very difficult; you want to look your best and stand out when you are graduating. There are a few key ideas to ensure that your graduation day goes smoothly, with no wardrobe malfunctions. The first and one of the most important; do not wear spiked heels. There are high chances that the heel would sink into the grass and you would fall or trip. Instead, go for wedges or flats; it can still give you some height, while reducing the risk of tripping. 

Another important one is finding an outfit that compliments your cap and gown colors. Not having an outfit that matches would not be a good “last impression” on the school. However, try not to find anything too revealing, you can still get dress coded, and that is not something you want to worry about on your big day. 

With planning your outfit, finding an outfit that has pockets is a great idea. Teachers and staff will be strict about having phones or other items out, so having pockets to keep them in just in case is a smart idea. Pockets will be your friend. Also, try to plan an outfit that has short sleeves rather than long sleeves; you do not want your sleeves to peek out from under your gown. 

The last but not least tip is to make sure your hairstyle works with your cap. Do not style your hair too high or else your cap may not stay on. A big event that many seniors look forward to is a graduation party. These can be difficult and stressful to plan, but with a guide on how to throw a smooth running party, it will be a breeze. 

Weeks in advance a date needs to be set and planned, so there is plenty of time to prepare, and let guests know. After the date has been set, figuring out a theme and a realistic budget should be your next step. Plan a theme you enjoy and know you will enjoy looking forward to.

After the date and theme is set; compile a guest list and send out the invitations. Make sure you send it out weeks in advance, as you will not be the only senior throwing a graduation party. A couple weeks before the party, gather smaller supplies such as food, party supplies, etc. In the few days before the party, make sure everything is in order and prepare to have fun! Make sure that you enjoy yourself, and not to stress. 

The final but most enjoyable part of graduating is the senior trip! To plan for this, make sure you pick where you would like to travel too, when you want to travel, and decide the budget and transportation you can work with. 

If you have a smaller budget set, traveling by car to somewhere in your own state can be a money friendly idea and a nice getaway. If you have a bit of a bigger budget, traveling to other states can be a very fun way to explore and really feel like you are getting away from your hometown. Places such as Hawaii, California, Florida and New York City are very good tourist states. Now if your budget is very large, traveling out of the country is a truly amazing experience. Some specific places to travel to could be London, Scotland, France, the Maldives, Thailand, and really just any other country you’re interested in will make your senior trip amazing.