How to celebrate Halloween safely this year


Marco Verch

Spooky season does not cancel out mask season(s).

This year, Halloween, just like everything else, is different because of COVID-19. Just because it is different does not mean it is cancelled (this rare Saturday Halloween must not go to waste!). Here are some tips on how to celebrate Halloween safely this year.


Trick or Treat Yo’ Self

Host a Halloween-themed wellness night. Try making pumpkin face masks (the skin kind, not the COVID-19 kind) or use spooky sheet masks that can be found on Amazon or at stores like Ulta Beauty. While you are waiting, watch your favorite Halloween movie (our list of the best scary movies can be found here). Maybe even try following a spooky-chic nail tutorial. Snack on your favorite Halloween treats and celebrate comfortably. Most importantly–just relax and have fun!


Dispense Candy Like a Pro

Find a carpet tube–or any tube for that matter–and decorate it with duct tape, paint, streamers, and whatever else you can find around the house. Prop it up so that the tube is at an angle (if your front porch has stairs that is ideal but anyone can do it). When trick-or-treaters come up to get their candy, have the kids line up their bag at the bottom and send their candy down. This is an awesome alternative to giving candy right to the kids because it limits contact and maintains distancing while still being fun and exciting.


Party with your Friends Virtually

Since the world was first hit with COVID-19 there have been so many innovations that bring people together online. Host a party on Zoom where you can catch up, show off your costumes, and celebrate Halloween with your friends. There are so many other things you can do besides talk on Zoom. Play hangman using the whiteboard feature or do a Buzzfeed Quiz Party together. You can use Netflix Party to stream a Halloween movie together. You can even play the ever-popular murder mystery game Among Us (read our review here). No matter what you do, celebrating online is a great way to have fun and stay safe.


Practice Festive Safety

Keep in mind the purpose of this year’s celebration–to help kids have fun while keeping the community safe and healthy. If you know going trick-or-treating will just make your neighborhood more crowded, stay home and make Halloween more enjoyable for the parents and kids out there. Make fun Halloween masks that you can share with friends and family. Be sure you have ample hand sanitizer and soap available to share (find labels that say “witch’s brew” and “zombie blood” if you want to stay on theme). Promote safe practices by handing out full-size or extra candy to kids who are doing an especially good job maintaining distance and wearing their masks.


Just because this Halloween will have more restrictions, that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. If you end up doing any of these activities and having fun, take a picture and share it with us @phsprecedent!