Man on the street: new trends this summer


There are a variety of options when it comes to fashion and activities. At times, it can be difficult to decide.

With summer approaching, many are switching out their wardrobes to align with the new weather. The new season allows for many outdoor activities and different fashion styles. Under the heat, trends are changing and are something anyone can take part in. 

Various students offered their opinions on the topic. Sophomore Evangelina Garcia detailed, “I think the new summer trends for style are tube tops [and] flowy pants [and] activities…maybe pilates.  I don’t like Jesus sandals.” Pilates is similar to yoga and practices core strength, flexibility, and balance. It has been gaining a lot more traction on social media this year. 

On top of Jesus sandals, she also added chacos, another type of sandal. These are an older style of sandals that are most suitable for hikers. It is more commonly worn by older adults. Jesus sandals, on the other hand, have a more natural look and flat soles. This typically resembles what is stereotypically thought to be worn centuries ago, explaining its name.

Junior Ethan Montgomery has begun wearing bandanas as of recently. He explained, “I think bandanas work really well with a lot of summer outfits, but I think flip flops suck.” He has several bandanas of different colors. Montgomery often pairs the color of his bandana to the color of his outfit.

Freshman Nadine Hofer noted the increasing popularity of jorts. She admitted that she disliked basic summer attire such as tank tops and shorts. They are typically worn every summer, making them less appealing to her.

Also to note, freshman Marivette Negronestrada, who leans towards an early 2000s fashion style, admitted, “[The] different colors that they bring now are odd. The colors are much more vibrant. They pop out a little bit more. It’s just not my speed.” She further added that she disliked high waisted pants and modern dresses.

Despite a variety of opinions, all trends can be enjoyed by everyone. Some trends cycle through and repeat while some are brand new for this year. There are many styles and activities to explore and new things to try during the summer break.