Hot take: Who actually wears white after Labor Day


Meghan McGowan

Sophomores Miranda Ferrer and Sammie Kaufman-Warner argue over whether they should be able to wear white after Labor Day. The fashion don’t date back to the 19th century, but as fashion has evolved, most people no longer follow this rule.

In fashion, it is considered against fashion standards to wear white after Labor Day, but why is that even a rule? The phrase was created in the 19th century mainly to distinguish classes. As the rich moved into their summer homes, they wore white to separate themselves from the working class. And they wore white specifically because it is traditionally a summer color. The working class wore darker colors that did not show dirt stains. Even though Labor Day is not the official end of summer, culturally, it is considered the end. So due to Labor Day being the end of summer, the rich would move back into the city and would no longer have a need to wear white, and hence the phrase was created. 

As the culture changed over time, the rule has started to look a little different with some people not wearing white because it is too much of a summer color and switching to more neutral fall tones, or people who think the phrase is not accurate and white can be worn in any season. Students were asked about the phrase and whether or not it should be followed. 

Meghan McGowan: Should you be able to wear white after Labor Day? 

Andrew Mottern, freshman: If some people want to do it, they can, but I have two white shirts, and I probably will end up wearing them. 

Rylen Chretin, freshman: They can do what they want; I do not wear white, but if I did, I would wear it, but people can do what they want; it doesn’t matter. 

Miranda Ferrer, sophomore: “I don’t wear white after Labor Day because you are ruining the fall vibe, and fall colors are a warmer tone, while white is a cooler tone.”

Sammie Kaufman-Warner, sophomore: “I think I should be able to wear white after labor day because you should wear whatever you want, not just seen as poor in 19th century times just because of a color you wear.” 

Kaia Moroe, junior: “I honestly think it is kinda weird, for me. Just let people wear what they want to wear because most people are not going to look back on the history, so it shouldn’t exist anymore. I think values have definitely changed so it shouldn’t make much of a difference.” 

Brady Deschamps, junior: “You should be able to wear whatever you want to wear. If I am going to wear a nice white piece of clothing, I should be able to wear it whenever I want. Just let people wear what they want to wear.” 

Zach Delsante, senior: “Well it is still hot outside here after Labor Day so I am not going to stop wearing white.” 

Eliana Watson, senior: “Traditionally September is the beginning of fall, and colors become more earth toned, but I do still believe white is a statement color and should be worn throughout the entire year.”  

Despite the history of not wearing white after Labor Day, most students do not follow this old fashion rule. But if they do decide to follow this rule it is mainly to just wear fall colors, not because of its history.